1. Slide film

    La france

    Fuji velvia 100f


  2. What is Your favorite sport? tell me about it

    This time not a analog pitcture.

    This is my sport, windsurfing I love it! riding on the water and fighting against the power of the wind. hearing the noise of the water under my surfboard.

    (picture was taken today)


  3. think-it-is-free said: Hello! I want to say that I loved your photos. I study photography in Costa Rica. I dream to go to La France to travel and to study. Great blog and great pictures. Regards.

    Hi, many thans for Your lovely words. Go for the phography study! Do what You Love. You are from Costa Rica! What a beautifull place! It also My Dream To visit such a Sunny place! Keep up with photography study. Greetings from Belgium. Floris Dox


  4. Fuji velvia 100 slide film

    vacation summer


  5. My first super 8 film! the digitizing qualty isn’t the best. but I can live with it

    Soundtrack: Around The World - Joomanji


  6. Air

    Fuji velvia 100


    1. Van tumblr naam veranderd? : )

  7. Vacation la france

    Analog Xpro

    Vivitar ultra slim & wide

    agfa ct 100 xpro by my self


  8. Analog Photo la france


  9. Analog self-made camera obscura

    Film developed and scanned